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  • MG Magazine - 12th. Edition

    Edition No. 12 of the magazine's Improve Guatemala where the progress and proposals of the initiative.

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    Guía Comunitaria - El Futuro Es Hoy.

Guatemala + Prosperity

A Guatemala that has more prosperity means more employment opportunities, more investments, and more income that allows the State to fulfill its obligations.



Guatemala + Solidarity

A Guatemala with more solidarity means improved social investments in education and health, bringing more welfare opportunities to those Guatemalans who need them the most.



Guatemala + Safety

A Guatemala that has safety and justice means being able to live peacefully.





Stronger + Institutions

Stronger institutions are crucial to ensure the State works properly and continuously, along with transparency and efficiency in a rule of law, democracy and governability environment.



FUNDESA is a private, non-profit organizations created by entrepreneurs, independent from sector based, guild, or partisan interests; created in 1984 from the interest of Guatemalan entrepreneurs to generate and implement programs and projects that boost the country's economic and social development in a sustainable way.

CACIF is a Guatemalan institution created in 1957 by Guatemalan entrepreneurs; it's organized in different Chambers and Associations who recognize the need of a coordinating entity that promotes a larger approach and unifies efforts and actions, without reducing the part and activities of such organizations, to protect the Rule of Law, free enterprise and individual dignity.



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