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The National Entrepreneurs Meeting 2012 (ENADE for its initials in Spanish), worked with the motto “Démosle Chance a Guate, reduzcamos la pobreza a través de la generación de empleo” (Let’s give Guate a Chance, let’s reduce poverty through the generation of employment, T.N. In Guatemala, the word “chance” is colloquial for “job”; this word also means “opportunity”; in this document, the author plays with the meanings of the word) to achieve a Guatemala that is more Prosperous. A proposal was launched during the event which has the objective of achieving an economic growth of +6% during the next 10 years in order to reduce poverty from 50% to less than 35%.

Progress of the initiative's Improve Guate


If we want to reach these objectives, the President and Ministries, Congress of the Republic, the Productive Sector, the Media, and Civil Society must realize a series of specific activities and goals. Help us follow the Path by monitoring this 2012-2013 Tasks Sheet:

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Follow the Path

 Tasks Sheet 2012-2013





·                  Reduce the Chronic Malnutrition rate in children younger than five years to less than 40%


With the attention focused on the first 65 of the 166 municipalities defined by SESAN as priorities to allocate resources and implement interventions related with the “1,000-day window”, chronic malnutrition rate for children under five years of age rate will be reduced by almost 10% during the first 12 months (today, this rate is almost 49%)

·                  Improve the quality of education through the three indicators of “Juntos por la Educación”


 “Juntos por la Educación” defines 3 strategic agreements to guarantee substantial improvements in the educative quality: (1) Fulfillment of the 180 effective class days; (2) Teachers must be evaluated according to training, knowledge transmission, merits, and experience: and (3) Students who succeed, reflected in the mathematics and reading tests.

·                  Specific chronology to implement the Multimodal Infrastructure Plan


Define a specific chronogram for implementing the Infrastructure Priority Works Multimodal Plan, as established on the “Axis 5: Strengthening Productive and Technological Infrastructure” of the 2012-2021 Competitiveness National Agenda, covering road, port, and airport infrastructure.

·                  Program to accelerate the implementing of the Electric Energy Expansion Plan


Follow up the proposal made by the Comisión Nacional de Energía Eléctrica (National Commission for Electric Energy) for redesigning the energy matrix, with the main objective of reducing the production cost for every kW/hour. The objective is to reach the electric energy production cost under US$0.12 for kW/hour.

·                  Climb ten positions in the Doing Business Index (Business Environment)


We have a short and medium-term agenda to improve the Doing Business Index from the World Bank. By following the suggestions established there, we may be able to improve approximately 10 positions in the next evaluation, thus reaching the 87th position. It will be crucial to communicate these advances to the people who provide their support by filling out the survey. 

·                  Climb eight positions in the Global Competitiveness Index (Education Quality and Safety)


According to the information published by the World Economic Forum on Guatemala, the priority areas that need to be worked to improve by 8 positions and reach position number 75 in the Competitiveness Global Index are: more effectiveness in researching corruption cases, reduction of the costs associated with violence that companies have to incur in, increase the trust levels in the police, improve the educative quality (science and mathematics), and improve the quality of the roads infrastructure.

·                  Management and Quality of the Public Spending Project in the Ministry of Interior


Have the Acuerdo de Cooperación (Cooperation Agreement) signed to implement the management and quality of the public spending with the Ministry of Interior; this will allow the processes in the institution be more efficient, as well as it will generate savings that can be destined to priority activities such as training police officers and provision of equipment.

·                  Take charge of the program Alertos and copy it in other areas of the capital city


Take on the challenge of copying the first two phases of the project “Ciudades Seguras” (Safe Cities) under the brand “Alertos”, making a priority the most violent zones in the metropolitan area, while at the same time, the program is taken to other municipalities in the country. For this, we need the coordination between municipalities and the Ministry of Interior.





·                  Approve as a national emergency the Law against Corruption and Illicit Enrichment


We urge the legislators to approve as national emergency the Ley contra la corrupción y el enriquecimiento ilícito en la función pública (Law against Corruption and Illicit Enrichment during the Public Service) – initiative 4347 -. We demand the fulfillment of the commitment made by 103 legislators, and that the 55 legislators left join this initiative.

·                  Approval of the package of Transparency Laws presented by the Executive Body


Last March 12, the President of the Republic filed in the Legislative Body two law initiatives (registration number 4461 and 4462), containing a package of 11 legislative proposals to improve quality and transparency of the public spending, strengthening the related institutionalism.

·                  Approval of the reforms to the Organic Law of the Nation’s General Budget


Law initiative 4461 is under study and opinion of the following three working commissions of the Congress of the Republic: Legislation and Constitutional Points, Probity, and Transparency Extraordinary National. This initiative has some of the reforms that are identified as priorities by ATAL.

·                  Approval of the reforms to the Electoral Law and of Political Parties


Approval of an Electoral Law and of Political Parties that gives transparency to the income of the Political Parties, during Electoral Campaigns, as well as in the period when there is not campaigning, that improves management and control of the TSE (Electoral Supreme Tribunal), and that allows a better political system, strengthening the internal democracy of politic parties and the representativeness of the Legislative Body.

·                  Approval of the reforms to the Mining Law to modernize its regulatory framework


Approval of a Mining Law that modernizes its regulatory framework, promotes quality investment in the mining and extractive sectors, improves the income of the Central Government and Municipalities, and promotes the development of the communities with better environmental parameters and controls.

·                  Approval of the reforms to the General Comptroller’s Office Law


There is a proposal on the necessary reforms to improve the management of the General Comptroller’s Office; such reforms will provide new capacities to the institution and its officers, introduce improvements to the penalty schemes, and grant more resources for the fulfillment of its functions.

·                  Review the proposal of the Port Authority Law (promoted by PRONACOM)


Promote the Draft Law of the Port-Maritime Authority, which imposes great commitments that the National Ports Commission must lead, accompany and provide for the participation of different sectors, with the end of assisting the development of the ports of the country; implementing the necessary regulations to promote the cluster, according to the 2005-2015 Competitiveness National Agency.

·                  Review the proposal of the Bankruptcy Law (promoted by FUNDESA)


The existing legal gaps and the lengthy procedure for a company to declare bankruptcy, cause the lack of use of this figures. FUNDESA presents a proposal that protects employees, allows restructuring the company after an insolvent situation, and provides the treasury the capacities to regulate fraudulent and culpable bankruptcy.





·                  Strategic and Investment Plans for every one of the 25 productive sectors


At the present time, the Consejo Privado de Competividad is following up the preparation of strategic and investment plans in each one of the 25 productive sectors with which it has worked; this will allow the implementing of more than 200 development initiatives to create more than 1 million jobs in the next 10 years. Each one of these initiatives will have an execution plan, short and medium-term objectives, as well as budget allocation.

·                  Creation of 60,000 new job posts in the priority sectors according to the CPC


After identifying the growth potential in each one of the productive sectors of the country, we are working in overcoming obstacles in the creation of employment, looking to the creation of 60,000 new formal job posts for the next year, focusing efforts in the sectors with a greater growth potential.

·                  Supervision of the Competitiveness National Agenda 2012-2021


To build a Guatemala with more Prosperity, we have identified 5 working areas to contribute to the Competitiveness National Agenda: commercialization, integration of sectorial initiatives, quality of the human resources, investment in infrastructure, access to technology, promotion of efficiency in customs, and greater access to financing. The CPC will make the document with the suggestions to solve these transversal problems, known in the productive sectors of the country.

·                  Increase the number of affiliates to the IGSS by 10% of the EAP


The development of a strategy to formalize more than 600,000 people during the next year must be worked along with the Instituto Guatemalteco de Seguridad Social (Guatemalan Institute for the Social Security) – IGSS – either through the affiliation traditional schemes of by considering semi-private options to develop alternative pension systems.

·                  Professional Training Gaps Survey (Academy and CPC)


Thanks to the inter-institutional coordination between Academy (superior education) and the productive sector of the country, a survey will take place to identify the gaps in professional training, which will allow a better communication with the universities about the areas in which the productive sector needs an improved education to the students.

·                  Growth of the Entrepreneurial Linking Program  (AGEXPORT)


Thanks to the coordination of AGEXPORT, with the support of its cooperating members, the productive chaining program takes place in the rural area to create employment and income sources to improve the living standards of productive communities, betting on the agricultural restructuring model, as well as improving the technology of the exporting offer. We expect the support to implement 30 additional chaining, with an impact over more than 2,000 direct beneficiaries.

·                  Follow up and growth of the 10 programs that reinforce the GMG route


Guatemaltecos Mejoremos Guatemala will continue financing the 10 projects that are the foundation of the route to reduce poverty: Consejo Privado de Competitividad (Competitiveness Private Council), Alianza por la Nutrición (Alliance in favor of Nutrition), Apoyo Técnico al Legislativo (Technical Support to the Legislative Body), Programa de Apoyo al Ejecutivo (Support Program to the Legislative Body), Juntos por la Educación (Together for Education), Acuerdo de Estado (Government Agreement), Ciudades Seguras – Alertos – (Safe Cities – Alertos-), Tejedores Aj-kem (Aj-kem Weavers), Guatemala Visible (A Visible Guatemala), and the Red de Centros de Pensamiento (Centers for Thinking Network).  To support this, the number of donors from the Productive Sector who support the project must be increased.

·                  Financing of the First Phase of the Management and Quality of the Public Spending Project


With the support of international consulting firms, Guatemaltecos Mejoremos Guatemala is committed to finance the first phase of the Proyecto de Gestión y Calidad del Gasto Público (Management and Quality of the Public Spending Project). The pilot test will be performed in the Ministry of Interior, in order to introduce a greater efficiency level in the hiring and purchases processes.





·                  Follow up proposals made by GMG, as well as to introduce any improvement deemed necessary


The proposal Guatemaltecos Mejoremos Guatemala is available to every person who may wish to consult it; we invite the civil society to analyze it and identify areas that can be improved. We request the institutions to direct their efforts to follow up events and control concrete advances, whether through their participation or by their distribution on their websites and social networks.

·                  Make voting in the Congress public, through www.congresovisible.com


Congreso Visible (Visible Congress) is an initiative that allows us to know in real time the results of the legislative activity. Given the large amount of laws we need to be known by the Congress, we request your collaboration in following up the political agenda, asking for a continuous accountability from the legislators.

·                  Participate actively in any Project to improve the country or community


Guatemaltecos Mejoremos Guatemala is a proposal for the next 10 years, where we make a call to entrepreneurial activity, making a bet on the local development. For this, we encourage the organizations in the Civil Society to continue with this type of initiatives, while promoting new ways to generate development in the country.





·                  Monitor advances of the Millennium Development Goals


We invite the media to check in our proposal the short-term goals that we have presented for the 12 Objetivos de Desarrollo del Milenio (Twelve Development Objectives for the Millennium), monitoring the advances and demanding the responsible authorities to provide timely and current information.

·                  Publish the advances of the initiatives proposed in the Tasks List of GMG


Guatemaltecos Mejoremos Guatemala has promoted 10 independent projects financed by Guatemalan entrepreneurs, who want to turn into reality the goals we have proposed to achieve a Guatemala that has more prosperity, that has more solidarity and that is safer. As social auditors, we invite the media to attend our invitations, and to publish our advances.

·                  Provide a positive vision to the country about the achievements made


Guatemala is internationally known for its cultural diversity and for the natural heritage it offers to the rest of the world. However, a series of news come out every day, revealing our social and economic problems. We request the media to continue reporting these facts, but to also report the great achievements we have, generating and environment that keeps alive the pride of being Guatemalan, believing that our goals can be reached.




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